Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Where ever I went, she followed….

I met her for the first time at the railway station. Even though we didn’t talk anything, she was around me. She was there in the same compartment till the end.

Getting down from the train, I looked around hoping to see her again. But she just vanished to the crowd like a butterfly.

I met her again next week at the cinema theatre and we were together till the show is over. In fact, she didn’t let me to watch the film.

Later, we met often at various places; park, beach, bus stand… She was following me where ever I go!!!

Finally that too happened. She came to my bedroom. She stayed with me a whole night giving me a sleepless night!!!

When I woke up next day, she was not there in my bedroom. I was shocked when I realized that she left me without saying a good bye.

As I woke up from the bed, I could see a letter on my table…….


Sorry dear. It’s getting late for me. I have to go. My mind doesn’t allow me to disturb your sleep. You are so sweet and I really did enjoy your company. It was a wonderful experience for me yesterday night.

With sweet kisses,

Lovingly yours,

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