Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cauvery Nisrgadhama

Nisargadama is s beautiful forest resort just three kilometers from Kushalnagar towards Madikeri off the state highway.

Formed by river Kaveri, this 25 acre scenic island is covered with bamboo, teak and sandalwood tree streams.

Here everything has got a bamboo touch. The beautiful and eco-friendly bamboo huts and other places to rest is a wonderful experience.

This hanging bridge links the island and helps travellers to cross the cauvery river.

This symbolises the myth behind Talacauvery. Located in the Brahmagiri hill, Talacauvery is presumed to be the origin of the Cauvery River. A tank had been built here and it is supposed that the Talacauvery received water from here. Talacauvery is an important religious place, as a holy kundike is believed to have been emerged from a small permanent spring. Today, however, the source has dried up. Cauvery continues to flow and is considered a holy river by most of the South Indians. A small temple had been built to mark the place.

We were told that, at Nisargadhama one can find deer, elephants, peacocks and some other usual wild animals if lucky. But, unfortunately we couldn't find anything except this!!!

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